General Election

Access to a Top-Quality Education Should be Determined by Hard Work, not Ability to Pay

Micheál Martin, leader of Fianna Fáil, explores the failings of the previous government and sets out a plan for more higher education funding, not less.
By Micheál Martin

Ahead of General Election, TCDSU Activism Group to Give Homeless a Voice

Homeless people don't get to confirm their own belonging or express their voices, says group.
By Emer Gerrard

Labour Will Not Tolerate Destructive, Socially Regressive Education Policies

Joan Burton, leader of the Labour Party, discusses future funding options for higher education that will see the sector thrive.
By Joan Burton

A Quarter of Trinity Students Plan to Vote Fine Gael

Social Democrats receive 14 per cent of first preferences in poll, with social issues being big motivating factor.
By Conor Parle and Edmund Heaphy

The Political Parties Putting LGBT Issues to the Forefront

Sarah Scales speaks to political parties ahead of the general election on their plans for pushing LGBT issues.
By Sarah Scales

Ireland’s Anti-Establishment Movement May Appeal More to Young People than Traditional Parties

Simon Foy explores the disillusionment with traditional Irish parties and how it may shape the new Dáil.
By Simon Foy

We Don’t Have to Live in an Unequal Society

Gerry Adams, leader of Sinn Féin, argues for total reform of the education sector and the elimination of third-level fees.
By Gerry Adams

In Ageing Dáil, Are More Young Voices Needed?

Our society places value on descriptive representation, but young people remain strikingly absent from the Dáil.
By Chris McMahon

With More Young Voters Registered, What Impact Can They Actually Have?

After significant voter registration drives before the marriage equality referendum and recent similar pushes, how
By Chris McMahon

Fine Gael Fail to Commit to Funding Model for Higher Education

While the manifesto fails to outline any funding model for higher education, the manifesto commits the party to spend €100 million each year on the sector.
By Christopher McMahon