Five of the Best: Fashion Podcasts

Even when you may not be looking your best, Radius is here to make sure that what you’re listening to is.
By Elizabeth Ring

The Secret to Connell Waldron’s Unlikely Fashion Following

Now that the hysteria has sufficiently died down, our Radius Fashion Editor decodes the enigma that is Connell Waldron’s fashion following.
By Elizabeth Ring

The Dos and Don’ts of Depop

With money getting tight, and in-person retail losing its appeal, there’s never been a better time to master the art of Depop.
By Chioma Muoneke

Mastering the Art of the Mask

In a less than usual look at student style, Alex Murray ponders the place of the face mask in Trinity trendsetting.
By Alexandra Murray

NCAD Fashion Students on Producing Collections During Lockdown

Though they are still awaiting their big catwalk moment, final-year fashion students at NCAD survived the logistical challenges of producing a collection in lockdown.
By Elizabeth Ring

Trinity Trend: Zoom Dress Code

As we enter a semester of online classes, even Trinity’s most daring trends will have to think inside the pixelated box.
By Aoife Murray

The ‘Nuw’ Way to Dress Sustainably

Nu Wardrobe, the successful clothes-sharing platform, now has an easy-to-use phone application.
By Alexandra Murray

Meet the Trinity Twins Taking Depop by Storm

Having amassed a following of over 34,000 and the coveted Depop verified badge, The Doyle Twins show no sign of slowing down.
By Emer Tyrrell

Minti: Where Big-Brand Fashion Meets Sustainability

Laura Egan, a once luxury-brand fashion designer, believes that sustainability starts with “your current wardrobe”.
By Aoife Murray

Liobhan Alanna’s Scarves Emerge Triumphant from Lockdown

The expansion of the ethical brand during lockdown is symptomatic of a broader pushback against fast fashion.
By Niamh Burns