The ‘Nuw’ Way to Dress Sustainably

Nu Wardrobe, the successful clothes-sharing platform, now has an easy-to-use phone application.
By Alexandra Murray

Meet the Trinity Twins Taking Depop by Storm

Having amassed a following of over 34,000 and the coveted Depop verified badge, The Doyle Twins show no sign of slowing down.
By Emer Tyrrell

Minti: Where Big-Brand Fashion Meets Sustainability

Laura Egan, a once luxury-brand fashion designer, believes that sustainability starts with “your current wardrobe”.
By Aoife Murray

Liobhan Alanna’s Scarves Emerge Triumphant from Lockdown

The expansion of the ethical brand during lockdown is symptomatic of a broader pushback against fast fashion.
By Niamh Burns

Meet the Costume Designer Who Kitted Out Connell and Marianne

Lorna Marie Mugan, Normal People's costume designer, talks vintage clothes, the importance of place and Connell's famous chain.
By Aoife Murray

In a World Fraying at the Seams, Student Designers Find New Solutions

Dublin’s fashion students – particularly designers – are facing up to a new set of problems during and after the pandemic.
By Chioma Muoneke

Trinity Trend – Lockdown Edition: The Shaved Head

Fashion statements in Trinity are changed irreparably. But students are still trying things out in lockdown – with decidedly mixed results.
By Coco Millar

How Naoise Jo is Building a Brand in Dublin Design

We're in lockdown, but Naoise Jo – a Dublin-based designer – is making waves with a brand ethos of bringing ‘a little joy to whoever wears it’.
By Leah Gaynor

With Natalie Coleman’s Face Masks, Beauty That Breaks (Social) Barriers

The Dublin-based designer on the inspiration behind her face masks – as well as the social change she hopes they can help effect.
By Coco Millar

In Dublin, An Online Market Means Saturdays Are Still For Sustainability

Taz Kelleher and Geraldine Carton, the founders of Sustainable Fashion Dublin, have taken their weekly flea market to Instagram.
By Coco Millar