Trinity Trend: Laptop Stickers

Few laptops in Trinity aren't adorned with stickers declaring society allegiances or political messages.
By Aoife Murray

The Trinity Students Making their Mark on Dublin’s Cultural Scene

These Trinity students are making a name for themselves in the cultural sphere, all the while keeping up with a full-time degree.
By Molly Furey

Speaking With: Transparent Magazine

Pioneering Trinity students Guoda Trečiokaitė and Siubhan O’Donnell have founded a sustainability-focused fashion magazine
By Aoife Murray

Trinity Trend: KeepCups

Trinity's latest must-have accessory is the perfect non-committal nod to sustainability.
By Niamh Kennedy

Trinity Trend: The North Face Puffer Jacket

The North Face puffer has infiltrated the wardrobes of students all over campus – the sartorially minded and the more practical fashion-phobes alike.
By Aoife Murray

A Journey Through Time at Trinity Fashion Show

The show, entitled the Persistence of Memory, was held in D-Light Studios in North Strand.
By Katie Dumpleton

A Guide to Gift Shopping in Dublin’s Independent Stores

Forget second-rate gifts fresh off the high street and impress with a quality present from one of Dublin's independent stores.
By Eleanor Scott and Aoife Murray

Trinity Trend: Soft Boy

Trinity is rife with the soft boy look. Here's how to spot one.
By Harry Bibby

Bloss is Challenging Perceptions of Irish Design

The pop-up store in Dundrum features a mix of both emerging and established Irish designers.
By Eleanor Scott

Dodge Black Friday at Sustainable Swap Shop

Transparent magazine is encouraging people to save the environment by swapping old clothes for new ones in Lucky's Bar today.
By Aoife Murray