Dublin’s Fashion Festival Champions Young Designers

On September 12th, Ireland's leading fashion influencers will gather in the Mansion House to kick off the 2018 festival.
By Aoife Murray

A New Twist on the Cliched ‘Urban Jungle’

With the rise of neon hued leopard print, a fresh take on the classic feline print.
By Aoife Murray

Trinity’s Sinéad Burke Appointed Vogue Contributing Editor

A influential figure in the fashion industry, Burke is currently undertaking a PhD in Trinity.
By Donal MacNamee

From Drury St to the British Fashion Council

Isabella Davey returned to Om Diva yesterday to talk about 20 lessons she learned working in the boutique.
By Aoife Murray

Trinity’s Trailblazers

We talk to the Trinity graduates making it big in Dublin and beyond.
By Molly Furey

Staying Dry But Fabulous at Trinity Ball

The best tips for how to look good, but warm and dry, at the ball.
By Niamh Farrell

Trinity Fashion Society Embraces Streetwear

Robbie Fidgeon Kavanagh has brought streetwear to Ireland.
By Niamh Mulville

Trinity Fashion Society Takes to the Runway

Trinity Fashion Society’s annual trip to London Fashion Week will take place this weekend and promises to be a very stylish affair.
By Alanna MacNamee

Love’s Young Dream in the Douglas Hyde

Last night, Trinity Fashion Society put on a show that included a black leather gag and androgynous outfits.
By Niamh Mulville

RAG Week, Wine and Cheese and High Fashion: Week Ahead

This RAG Week, enjoy the host of events and give to charity.
By Niamh Herbert