The Revolution has Begun, and Dublin’s Shops are Leading the Way

Skinfull Affairs showcased an alternative to fast fashion at a much-hyped event.
By Niamh Farrell

Talented Young Designers Clashed with Uninspiring High Street Giants

Disappointingly the eighth annual Dublin Fashion Festival was a bit of a faux pas.
By Niamh Mulville

Join the Fashion Revolution and Think About the Clothes You’re Wearing

From April 24th to 30th, Fashion Revolution Ireland are bringing a week of global fashion consciousness to Ireland.
By Niamh Mulville

Tracing the Evolution of Trinity Ball’s Style from Nineties to Noughties

From the more traditional wide skirts and low skirts to today's cocktail dresses, the history of Trinity Ball fashion is a compelling one.
By Jack Eustace

Loosening the Tie: the Formalities of Menswear at Trinity Ball

Womenswear looks at Trinity Ball have changed in recent years. It's time for men to break a few rules.
By Conor Davage

Ethical and Sustainable Fashion: Your Nu Trinity Ball Look

Founded by Trinity graduates, Nu wants to provide you with a free Trinity Ball look in exchange for avoiding the fast fashion industry.
By Siobhan O'Leary Ashford

NCAD Panel Explores the Challenges of Matching Ethics with Your Outfit

The panel that explored sustainable fashion featured designers, entrepreneurs and activists Carrey Somers, Rosie Reilly and Kate Nolan.
By Siobhan O’Leary Ashford

Repealing the Eighth Never Looked So Good: The Flea for Choice

Organised by Brian Donnelly and Dara McElligot, the vintage flea market, taking place on Saturday, aims to raise money for the repeal the eighth campaign.
By Siobhan O’Leary Ashford

Over my Dead Body: A History of Women in Trinity

A History of Women in Trinity
By Rachel Lavin

The Catwalk from Cork to Dublin: Exploring NCAD’s Vibrant Fashion Department

Siobhán O’Leary Ashford speaks with final year National College of Art and Design (NCAD) student, Caoimhe Hill about the distant and slightly ethereal nature of the College.
By Siobhán O’Leary Ashford