The Case For Censoring Free Speech, and Its Consequences

In a world with rampant discussion about political correctness, Sophie Andrews-McCarroll explores the divided opinions on the right to offend.
By Sophie Andrews-McCarroll

Why Do All the Cool Kids Want to Be Student Politicians?

Aaron Meredith investigates the enduring appeal of student political parties in a climate of low political popularity.
By Aaron Meredith

College Cemented its Wartime History with the New War Memorial

After the unveiling of the WWI memorial, Marcus Heagney explores what Trinity is doing to commemorate College’s wartime casualties.
By Marcus Heagney

In Ireland’s Years of Revolution, Women Really Made a Difference on the Ground

Aoileann Ní Bhroin talks to writer and historian Liz Gillis, who recently spoke in Trinity, on the role of women in Ireland’s revolutionary years.
By Aoileann Ní Bhróin

College Art Collection Hire Scheme Allows Students to Get Up Close and Personal With Modern Masterpieces

Trudy Kilgore looks at the impressive art holdings available to students through the College Art Collections’ hire scheme.
By Trudy Kilgore

A Gender Divide Between the Arts Block and Hamilton

Sophie Andrews-McCarroll looks at how Trinity has responded to global pressure to encourage women into STEM fields.
By Sophie Andrews-McCarroll

In the Pursuit of Greatness, Even Trinity’s Celebrities Struggled

Ciaran Sunderland reflects on the mixed bag of Trinity alumni, and how their careers did not follow the paths set by their areas of study.
By Ciaran Sunderland

With Changes to Junior Cert English, a Wider Cultural Change

Following reforms to the Junior Certificate course, Charlotte Ryan explores the impact of second level exams at third level.
By Charlotte Ryan

The Science of Giving a Damn

Jenna Clarke-Molloy speaks to Shane Timmons of Giving What We Can about effective altruism and student charity work
By Jenna Clarke-Molloy

The New Chair of the Irish Research Council on Research, Funding and the Arts

Sinéad Baker sits down with Jane Ohlmeyer to discuss her new role and her focus on research development in College.
By Sinéad Baker