Exploring Dublin’s Vintage Scene: A Q+A with Agité Closet

Clara Potts talks to Agité Closet owner Monica Martin about the shop's unique approach to sustainable and local shopping.
By Clara Potts

Threads of Home: Anna Rave’s ‘Heimat’ Inspired Designs

Clara Potts speaks to German fashion designer Anna Rave about her contributions to Dublin's evolving creative landscape.
By Clara Potts

Inside Dublin’s First Independent Fashion Weekend

A glimpse into a weekend championing sustainability, Irish designers and artists
By Eloise Sherrard

Five of the Best: Sustainable Irish Clothing Brands

Clara Potts outlines the best Irish brands healing the wounds caused by fast fashion, and why we should support them.
By Clara Potts

Five of the Best: Irish Influencers

Hanna Valila outlines the five best Irish influencers to turn to for fashion inspiration.
By Hanna Valila

Art or Porn?

Cleo Daly questions the distinction between female nudity in art and porn - and when empowerment becomes harassment.
By Cleo Daly

Neutrals: Luxury Handbags at an Affordable Price

How a mother and daughter are filling the handbag-sized gap in the fashion market.
By Sarah McCarthy

Trinity Trend: Low Rise Jeans

Is there no longer a low opinion on the low-rise?
By Sarah McCarthy

Trinity Trend: The ‘Clean Girl’ Aesthetic

The days of block brows and heavy contour are over. Less is now very much more when it comes to makeup.
By Michelle Jordan and Sarah McCarthy

Divinity and Sublimity for FashionSoc’s Annual Show

This year’s fashion show is titled 'The Divine and the Sublime', inspired by a modern-day renaissance.
By Alannah Ní Mhuirí