Elections 2021

What This Year’s TCDSU Elections Have Taught Us About Web Accessibility

The 2021 TCDSU elections were undeniably momentous, but demonstrated plenty of milestones candidates have yet to reach when it comes to accessibility.
By Emer Tyrrell

Council Secretary Says He Had No Role in Choosing Own Voting System for Election

Last year, the union signed a two-year contract worth €17,000 for the voting system run by Eviabi, which was co-founded by Cian Walsh, the secretary of council for TCDSU.
By Matt McCann

6,251 Registered to Vote in TCDSU Elections, Major Uptake in Turnout Expected

The high number of students registered to vote is thought to be a product of coronavirus restrictions, which have resulted in students being unable to engage with College in any other way.
By Matt McCann

The Trials and Tribulations of Online Political Campaigns

How TCDSU campaigns have found the experience and whether it should continue moving forward.
By Matt McCann

Aoife Cronin Elected TCDSU Communications and Marketing Officer

Cronin was elected with 93.1 per cent of the vote in the only uncontested race of this year’s elections.
By John Keenan and Jody Druce

Mueller-Owens Elected Welfare and Equality Officer with 54% of Vote

Sierra Mueller-Owens will be TCDSU’s next welfare and equality officer having secured 54 per cent of the vote.
By Emer Tyrrell and Jessica Allen

Leah Keogh Elected TCDSU president

The current welfare and equality officer and a veteran of TCDSU, Keogh received 57.8 per cent of the vote and a total of 2,313 votes.

Emer Moreau Elected Editor of The University Times

Emer Moreau will be the next editor of The University Times securing 83.3 per cent of the vote.

Bev Genockey Wins TCDSU Education Race

Genockey was elected on the first count with 56.8 per cent of the vote.

Arrowsmith win Ents Race on Razor-Thin Margin

Greg Arrowsmith defeated Antonia Brady by a razor-thin margin of 49.9 per cent of the vote to 48.8 per cent.