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The University Times accepts contributions from students and staff of Trinity as well as other Irish third-level institutes. Its staff – editors, writers, photographers, illustrators, designers and coders – is made up of the students and staff of Trinity’s community. The Opinion Section of the paper also accepts op-eds and contributions from those with unique experiences with the issues that affect our readers as well as academics, education policymakers and decision makers.

Contributing to The University Times

To express interest in writing for The University Times, simply fill in our form below. Here, the editors of the sections that you have expressed interest in will be able to contact you. We encourage contributing to multiple sections, and contributing to different areas of the paper, whether it be news and theatre or sports and photography. It is not necessary to have an idea for a piece or to have significant writing experience in order to express interest. Our editors are here to help suggest ideas and discuss topics that might be of interest to you.

Submitting an Article

The University Times welcomes submissions and pitches. When pitching an idea for an article, we recommend that you first send a brief outline on what you plan to write, rather than a completed article. To contact a section directly in order to pitch a piece, view our staff list.

Joining our Staff

Editors of The University Times are hired every April. Occasionally, an application for a staff position will open and will be advertised at other times during the academic year.

Writers begin as Contributing Writers, and those who write regularly and skillfully for the newspaper are promoted to the status of Staff Writer, and later Senior Staff Writer. The same system is in place for photographers and illustrators.

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